BioCamp’s headquarters are located in the city of Campinas and counts on modern plants of production: one for probiotics and one for vaccines.

The total area of 7 mil m² holds the main headquarters, where the departments of production, quality control, stock, maintenance, logistics, as well as an administrative center, where the Directors office is located, as well as the administrative department, marketing, research and development, regulatory affairs and biological tests laboratory.

Administrative Center

BioCamp has built in 2015 a new headquarters office of 3,5 mil m² where the administrative center and the biological tests laboratory: the most modern in terms of isolation, security and strictness when it comes to quality control.

Biologicals Laboratory

The production of CampVac® vaccines complies with the strictest quality control and isolation regulations. In our portfolio, we have the live vaccines CampVac MG-F freeze dried and CampVac SG-9R freeze dried and liquid. For killed vaccines, BioCamp has both technology and experience to meet the needs of companies when it comes to production of customized vaccines against Salmonella of interest in Public Health against Pasteurella sp, in association or not.

Laboratory of Probiotics

The probiotic portfolio COLOSTRUM® counts on competitive exclusion products (NAGF: NORMAL AVIAN GUT FLORA) and products defined microbial flora (DFM: DIRECT-FED MICROBIAL). BioCamp has one of the most modern plants in the American continent and is completely separated from the vaccine production plant.

Quality Control

BioCamp considers the Quality Control as the most important part of the production process: MAPA`s guidelines are fully complied with, and further tests performed on the products also reflect this priority. The laboratory is modern, counting also with a highly-qualified team that receives frequent updates in order to perform the tests for safety, efficacy and stability both for finished goods and packaging material in the best way. BioCamp`s priority is to assure the absence of contaminants in their products, as well as certify the levels of warranty of these products, so that their use in the field is successful.

Laboratory for Biological tests

The most recent lab was built with the highest level of sanitary control in order to perform safety, efficacy and stability tests on vaccines, as well as do research and development of new products.