New logo and positioning.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Biocamp has just adopted a new logo. Graphically, it summarizes two decades of an increasingly proactive vision of the world. The symbol of a company that views research, development and innovation as the foundation for the poultry market consolidation.

Biocamp believes in a world that watches over consumers, vendors and staff members’ rights. A healthier place for humans and with more respect for animals and the environment.

But what does it mean to be Pro?

For Biocamp, to be Pro is:

  • To respect the consumer and promote ethical and sustainable food production
  • To understand the poultry market demands, research products, develop solutions and present innovations
  • To improve poultry productivity rates, promoting intestinal health in a natural manner
  • To provide physiological and immunological development of the digestive tract, improving food digestibility, nutrients absorption and resistance to bacterial infections.
  • Not lose sight of respect to the environment, and health of both animals and humans
  • To be dedicated to discover what can be done for the world, for society and for life
  • Adapt to a new market without putting aside, or leaving behind, the quality of raw materials and products
  • To respect consumers, vendors and staff members, honoring commitments and agreements